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From the fullness of His grace we have received one blessing after

Remember who you are and you will walk through life blessed and beautiful

When you reach the heart of life you shall find beauty in all things

Children are a gift from God

Never underestimate the power of prayer

Friday, September 28, 2007

Got it!...................the camera, that is :)

The blog is feeling back to normal as I've included several snapshots this posting! Enjoy a short recap of what the Meyers' clan has been up to the past week (or few weeks)........................

Lucas' first field trip to Wells Apple Orchard in Walker, Michigan with his preschool class. About 10 moms showed up Wednesday, September 19 to pack 18 4yr olds into a bunch of minivans, etc and head off to the orchard (his preschool operates like a coop). We were privileged to have Lucas' teacher ride with us (as well as another boy and his mom). Lucas is one of 7 boys in his class (Tim's quite proud :) I've added a link to Lucas' teacher's blog under my "sites to see" column. She occasionally posts pictures of the kids.

Jackson's first playdate with Tyler who is a month younger.

We tried getting all six boys together for a picture on the couch..............unsuccessfully. The 2yr olds had other plans - imagine that! Amy and I met last year at coffee break (small bible study that meets once a week and has a little lambs program for 2-5 yr olds) and discovered we had 2 (at the time) boys almost the same ages (her oldest is nine months older than Lucas, her middle is one month older than Reece, and her youngest one month younger than Jackson).

A is for Apple, er......APPLES!!!!!

Look at all those apples ready to go to market!

My kids have never been so excited to eat apples!

Reece taking in the sites from the side of the wagon.

REDSHIRTED!!! Reece was clearly sick of pictures by the time we got to the mini hay maze.

...........and now Jackson is fed up with the camera! My "redshirted" boys enjoy doughnuts and cider after picking apples.

A Fish Story.....................

Jackson caught his first fish (thanks to Papa Gator's overpopulated fish pond and some crawlers.......and mom holding the fishing pole, of course).

It's taken me a few days to finally finish this post - I guess I'm too much of a picture fan to just post words :) In other news, Jackson is finally slowing down on the growth chart - he's at the 75th percentile for weight (15lbs 8oz) and height (25.25in), but still 90th for head circumference (what can I say, he's got a lot of brains!). This will be his final week of PT, but he will be getting an evaluation by the "helmet team" of Mary Free Bed (rehab hospital). Our pediatrician says he's borderline of needing one (if they don't look at him now, his next well baby visit may be too late if he is in need of a helmet). Besides his slight asymmetries in head shape, etc. he's a healthy little (er......big) man.

Hablo espanol?

That's right, Tim's job is headed to Juarez, Mexico...........AGAIN! Though the warm weather is tempting we are not moving with his job. It's not official until June 2009, so we are not too worried about the outcome. JCI will be trying to place him within the company in the next year and a half. If they are unable to do that, we have the "peace of mind" that he's been with the company for many years and would get a pretty decent severance package (and unemployment). We greatly covet your prayers as we await God's plan for Tim (and our family).

Little Lambs

We began Coffee Break (local church small group women's bible study) this fall. This year Reece is now in the 2's Little Lambs class. I was expecting tears and clinging to my side (none of which happened) the first day. He loves having his own little "school" time. Lucas is in the 4's/5's class with other kids he knows from his preschool class and last year's Coffee Break. Nursery is provided, but I usually keep Jackson with me as he's an easy baby (plus he enjoys flirting with the older ladies).

I'm teaching the 3's Sunday School children at our church for the 3rd consecutive year. I have a small group this year which is nice. They are such a fun group of kids (and so innocent!).

Enjoy the beauty of fall and stay healthy!

God Bless!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Where's the camera?!!

So..........this is a HUGE first - a post without any photos!!! This was NOT by choice, of course :) You all know me too well. I just wanted to recap our past week - Tim and I enjoyed some QT away from all our babies up north last weekend. It was our 10th annual (yes, we're getting old) canoe trip. We tackled a new river, the Platte, which landed us in Lake Michigan. It was a very slow, relaxing trip (and no one tipped this year - also a first!). This was especially fortunate as we had 2 pregnant ladies on board. It was a very chilly (read: I had gloves on at one point in the trip) day, but the sun kept us warm. It was so beautiful to end up on the West Michigan "Shoreline." We hiked up over the dune to test the waters of Lake Michigan which, along with the river, were actually warmer than the air temp. I definitely missed my boys, but they had a great time with Grandma Holden (and Jackson, surprisingly, adjusted to a bottle for 24 hours - Praise the Lord!). Our second adventure "sans camera" was to the Frederick Meijer Gardens Thursday. I had an eye appt in Grand Rapids and the boys (all 3) behaved so well, I told them I'd reward them. I couldn't pass up a trip to the gardens on such a beautiful day in September (though my camera was miles away in the camera bag at home). We took the financial plunge of renewing our annual membership to enjoy the beauty of nature, art, and much needed exercise. Lucas and Reece enjoyed the enormous treehouse in the Lena Meijer Children's Garden while I fed Jackson. We frolicked through the other attractions in the children's area and then strolled over to the Farm Garden area of the gardens. We couldn't leave without checking out "the horse"- Reece was thoroughly impressed at its stature. We also stopped by a few of the exhibits in the Sculpture Gardens. It was so much fun!!!! And I can even say that taking the three of them by myself - maybe 3's getting too easy :) Time for another dog, right?!! Just kidding - three is just perfect! We're off to enjoy another mild September afternoon picking apples at a local orchard Saturday. My next posting will include photos as I can't stand to leave it behind.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Time slips by......

After much consideration..........this is the collage I've come up with for Jackson's "3-mth" pictures. Like I stated earlier, I'm trying new things with our new camera and software in an attempt to avoid the professional studios. Jackson is rapidly changing and it's been such a joy to capture this with my camera! He is now doing PT every other week as it's been quite successful. His neck is getting stronger and he has a better range of motion with it (though he slightly prefers to look to the right). We try to make life interesting from both angles for him :) He goes in to the pediatrician for his 4-mth checkup in a couple weeks. I can't believe he's that old! Time slips by................

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sneak peek!

We've been "boycotting" the studios lately and trying to make use of our digital canon rebel xti. This is a shot from today of the 100+ I took of Jackson in an effort to capture the 3mth milestone (a few days too late). Hopefully I will have a digital collage to post - stay tuned! He was in to see the pediatrician last week for his clogged tear ducts and weighed in at 14lbs 11oz! I think he's got you beat - Madison Rae Nutt :) He continues PT on Fridays and we're hoping to reduce our frequency of visits starting this week. He is progressing quite well, according to both the pediatrician and physical therapist (DocTodd as Reece pronounces his name). I ask Reece if he wants to go with us to take Jackson to see the doctor and he replies, "DocTodd...........candy..........manners." From the mouths of babes :) And my oldest responded to me asking him if he talked to his teacher that way (when he was getting sassy the other day) with, "Mom, you're NOT my teacher" (as if it's okay to get sassy with mom, but not the teacher). At least he isn't talking back to her :) This is evidence that girls are NOT the only sassy gender.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Digital "creative memories"

I just have to spread the word about my new favorite website http://www.shutterfly.com/. They offer a free software download that you can EASILY and QUICKLY create fun collages with. I'm not sure how great their prices are.........I'm saving my collages via USB drive to print at Meijer this week. I'll post an update on the success (or lack thereof) of that adventure later this week. Just wanted to pass on another "great find" to those interested! It's a quick/creative method to posting several pictures at a time on our blog. Lucas thoroughly enjoyed his first day of school. He is in Mrs. VanDyken's mon/wed am 4-yr old preschool class at Allendale Christian School. Today was his first day. I just had to capture the excitement of our new wall decor of something other than coats hanging in our utility room - and the newsletters, field trip forms, crafts, etc that await my opening each week in the new backpack :) Though it was an emotional first, no tears were shed by me (Reece was sad to lose a playmate for a couple hours, though).

And baby makes 8!!!

All the grandkids got together this past weekend to celebrate a couple birthdays in September. We were able to corral them all onto our backyard slide to capture this moment :) And if you haven't guessed from the title............grandbaby #8 is due this March. CONGRATULATIONS to Brian and the girls!!! We can't wait to meet the new addition!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A first for everything

We've been up to a LOT the last couple of weeks. Here are just a few pictures that tell the story of our many firsts............

  1. Jackson laughing
  2. Jackson rolling over (tummy to back)
  3. Trip to Millenium Park in Grand Rapids
  4. Whitney tubing with a 4yr-old
  5. That 4yr-old getting wet on a tube ride (sorry Audrey, but your mom PROMISED she never gets wet on tube rides)
  6. Going to a West Michigan Whitecaps game as a family of 5!
  7. Going to the beach more than ONCE as a FAMILY this summer!
  8. Lucas stepping foot into his newly constructed school today (starting school next week will be a whole new post on the blog)
  9. Not posting to our blog as regular (sorry to all you die hard bloggers, i'll try to do better!)

It's hard to believe the summer is practically over. It's been a great one, especially with three little men in tow :) I wouldn't trade it for the world - they are truly a BLESSING to us! Enjoy these photos!

Lucas at the splash pad in Millenium Park

Whitney tubing with Audrey on Spring Lake

My boys watching the sunset over Lake Michigan in Grand Haven

Reece showing us the latest in style (shades upside down)

Sitting at the Whitecaps game